Grown right here at our nursery in Pompey, NY and harvested fresh for you within 48 hours of pick-up/delivery.

Value-Added Upgrade Package 16 Week Subscription

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  • This is a "value added" subscription usually paired with the produce subscription but pairing is not required.  "value added" products are products that are either unique or require extra preparation compared to fresh produce.  Each week you will recieve ONE of the following items on a weekly rotation:

    1) Grade A Dark maple syrup made right here at our nursery (1 pt.)

    2) Raw, Organic Honey from local producer George's Apiary (1/2 lb.)

    3) Fresh Eggs from right here at our nursery (1/2 dozen)

    4) Edible Flowers great for salads, desserts, or crafts (1 qt.)

    5) Bouquet of Fresh Flowers (1 glass mason jar arrangement)