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Landscaping, Design & Consultation Services

Fall Foliage

Seasonal Cleanups

  • Spring cleanups

  • Fall cut-backs

  • Prepare your property for the change in season

  • Annual Edging and Mulching

Grass Cutting

Property Maintenance

  • Weeding

  • Design of Annual Containers

  • Watering Annuals

  • Patio and Sidewalk clearing

  • Shrub and tree trimming

Pretty Garden

Landscape Renovation

  • Removal and/or replacement of overgrown and outdated plant material

  • Bring tired plants back to life with application of natural fertilizers and knowledgeable pruning or dividing treatments



Allow our staff to supply you with detailed design plans for your property in an array of various graphic styles, from construction documents to artistic renderings.  

This helps you understand what you are getting before construction begins.

Dirty Hands

Design Builds

Hire our highly-qualified staff to design and install your next project and save on bundled services


On-site Consultations

We walk your property with you for a Q&A session to brainstorm design concepts or troubleshoot problems.

Charged by the hour, $65

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