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Why We're "Green"

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Equal to our standards for providing quality products, services and experiences are our standards for how we protect and work with our world around us.  For more than a decade, Green Effects has made every business decision with our environment in mind.  Take a look at all the ways we lead by example and embody our namesake: Green Effects

Installed in YEAR, this X mega watt panel is the source of all the energy that heats, cools, lights and powers the flower farm.  It consists of XX panels that we use for electrical heat in the barn and greenhouses, ventilation fans and louvres, lights and irrigation pumping.  It over produces in the long days of summer storing up credits with the local power company that we can then draw on during the darker, colder days of winter.

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Solar Panel Array

Electric Car Chargers

Installed in YEAR, the 4 car chargers are available to the public not only to customers while they are here at the farm shopping at the nursery, picking their own flowers or here for a workshop but also to the general public for use any time.  Just scan the QR code on the chargers for the steps to get the juice flowing!

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Fossil Fuel Free Heating

NY winters can get COLD but we've committed to the cleanest heating methods available to keep everything warm.  Our barn and greenhouses are heated with electric heaters and keep cool with electric fans and automated louver vents

Chemical-Free Approach to Growth

We sacrifice a portion of our economic productivity to ensure that the land we use is left in a better condition than when we found it.  We avoid use of pesticides and herbicides and encourage natural alternatives such as beneficial insects and building healthy soils through low/no till methods.  Healthy soil grows healthy plants that are better at resisting pests and diseases on their own. 

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Rain water collection and infiltration

Rain water is collected off of over 3,000 square feet of roofing space and stored up to 1,200 to use as irrigation during times of drought instead of pumping ground water up from a well.  We also have 3 storm water infiltration basins that catch rainwater and hold it in pools allowing it to slowly seep into the soil and recharge the ground water table

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